Noura Ghabra

Saudi architect living in the UK. Specialist in environmental design and currently doing PhD in facade design for tall buildings. Interested in bioclimatic design and sustainability in architecture. Aiming to rise awareness of the responsibility of architects to create responsive and delightful spaces for better future

Ragad Alangari

With Doctoral Degree in Human Computer Interaction, from the University of Nottingham in the UK, Ragad Alangari is the manager and the COT of Bawtaqah. In addition to her passion in volunteering and social works, Ragad is a blogger and freelance writer interested in culture exchange, and sharing experience.

Amani AlSaad

Contemporary artist / Designer, Based in London. My artwork takes a critical view of social, and cultural issues. I usually focus in see-through Black and white photos Illustration, and mostly like my art work to deliver a simple, clear idea to the audience. 

Mohammad Shagroon

With MSc in Urban Regeneration from the UK, Mohammad is an Architectural Venue Designer. Mohammad Shagroon has been one of the founder of Bawtaqah. He is interested in reading arts, photography, fashion design, public speaking, classica cars and collectables. In addition to Housing and Historic Builidngs, generating miniature and creative concepts.

Fahad Alangari

With a BA in Architecture Venue Design from Derby University, United Kingdom and an MSc in Urban Design and Regeneration, Fahad Alangari has been one of the founder of Bawtaqah. He received several awards and recognitions in his felid. Being an active in Social Media makes him know many people interested in art and architecture in the arabian gulf area.